AirBeamTV makes screen mirroring from iPhone, iPad and Mac to Smart TV’s easy and fast. Without the need for additional hardware (like an AppleTV), you can mirror directly to your Smart TV.

Best Screen Mirroring
app for Mac’s
Best Screen Mirroring
app for iPad/iPhone

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Enjoy watching a movie together on your big screen TV
Display slideshows or photos on TV
No messy cables, boxes or extra hardware required
Play Video Files directly from your Apple device to your TV
Show presentations to your colleagues using this app
Mirror your Mac/iPhone/iPad screen wirelessly to your Smart TV



“This app is just what I needed. I needed to review some house plans with alot of detail and zooming in on my computer was just too cumbersome. I tried the MIrror for LG app and it solved the problem. The app was easy and fast to download and simple to use. I had my computer’s image on the large screen tv within 30 seconds. The image was clear and resolution was excellent. And the best part was that it was all wireless. I highly recommend this app for reviewing detailed documents, still photographs, etc.”

Zippy from Ohio

“Well worth the $9.99 price! Works great! The picture from my MacBook Pro looks just as good if not better than my wireless U-Verse signal to my TV. I was using it to watch March Madness off my computer and my wife walks by the TV and says “what a great picture!” She could not believe it was the App going to my Smart Samsung TV. One person commented on there being a delay… of course there will be a delay … your computer is getting a wireless signal and then has to send that signal wirelessly to your TV.”