Mirror Your Phone to PC or Mac

Do you want to display your desktop or laptop on the big screen? With AirBeamTV, you can instantly cast videos, movies and more from your computer to your TV.

Cast Disney Plus, watch Facebook Live, watch Twitch on TV — Do it all wirelessly with Screen Mirroring apps from AirBeamTV, no cables or hardware required.

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Made for Mac & Windows PC

Mirror your screen
Mirror your Mac, iPhone and iPad on TV! We offer the most powerful solution for casting your screen and sound on the big screen! Share your screen "live" to any TV.
Stream movies & apps
Use our app to stream movies to your TV. Watch your favorite shows on the big screen from your iPad, iPhone or Mac. You can also cast presentations and apps!
Cable free
We make screen mirroring look effortless, easy and fast. No cables and no additional hardware is needed to cast your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the big TV screen!

Screen Mirroring App Reviews

You can cast videos from your phone or tablet to your laptop using a cable, such as an HDMI cord. But that means setting up bulky wires that clutter your entertainment space. Skip the hardware and cast to TV using our wireless app. AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring apps “beam” your phone, tablet or computer screen to your television instantly, no cables needed.