How To Cast To Samsung TV From Android?

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Share Android Screen On Samsung TV

Holiday pictures, a fun video you took, your favorite apps – they’re all great, but there’s one problem about them – they sit in your Android smartphone! What if we told you that you can easily cast to Samsung TV from Android?

With Screen Mirroring for Samsung TV app by AirBeamTV, you can watch content from your Android smartphone on your big Samsung TV.

No annoying cables or costly hardware – just your Android phone or tablet and a Samsung Smart TV! You can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen in a matter of minutes!

Interested in casting from iPhone or iPad to Samsung TV? Try the Samsung TV mirroring app for iOS!

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How To Screen Mirror On Samsung TV From Android?

With the Screen Mirroring Samsung TV Android app, you can easily cast web content, photos and videos, your favorite apps and much more from your smartphone to a TV.

Here are some fun uses of the app:

  1. Easily watch holiday photos with a large group of people.
  2. Tune in to your favorite influencer’s Instagram Live stream!
  3. Scroll through your favorite apps such as TikTok without straining your eyes.
  4. Look anything up on the Internet without having to type with your TV remote.
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How to connect Android to Samsung Smart TV wirelessly?

Downloading the app

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone of tablet.
  2. Type in ‘Screen Mirroring Samsung TV AirBeamTV‘.
  3. Download the app.

Connect Android to Samsung TV

  1. Launch Screen Mirroring Samsung TV app.
  2. Click ‘Get Started’ and ‘Continue’.
  3. Upgrade to Pro version, or try the app for free.
  4. Click the cast icon in the top-right corner.
  5. Connect to your Samsung TV.
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Launching screen mirroring

  1. In the Screen Mirroring Samsung TV app, click ‘Screen Mirroring’ in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Adjust the settings.
  3. Click ‘Start Mirroring’.
  4. Done!

Is your Samsung TV laggy and, as a result, you can’t use screen mirroring? It may be the time to clear cache on Samsung TV!

How to connect Samsung Phone to TV wirelessly?

Connecting your Samsung phone to your TV wirelessly is a great way to enjoy your favorite content on a bigger screen. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it using the AirBeamTV screen mirroring app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Samsung phone.
  2. Download one of the AirBeamTV screen mirroring apps in the Play Store.
  3. Make sure your Samsung phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  4. Launch the AirBeamTV screen mirroring app on your Samsung phone.
  5. Let the app search for your TV and select it from the list of available devices.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Samsung phone to your TV.
  7. Once connected, start screen mirroring to enjoy your favorite content on the big screen.

By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your Samsung phone to your TV wirelessly using the AirBeamTV screen mirroring app. Enjoy a seamless streaming experience without any technical hassle.

If you do not own a Samsung TV but are interested in screen mirroring with other popular TV brands, we recommend visiting our page where you can find information on how to cast Android to TV in a seamless and efficient manner.

Our resources provide step-by-step instructions and recommendations on apps and tools that can help you achieve this task quickly and effortlessly. Whether you own an LG TV, Sony, or any other popular TV brand, our website can guide you through the process of setting up screen mirroring with ease. Visit us today and enhance your TV viewing experience!

Casting Android to Samsung TV – tips and tricks

There are a couple of things worth remembering when you’re casting Android to Samsung TV:

Turn volume down on your phone and turn it up on TV

When you’re casting or screen mirroring, you want to have the sound on your TV and not on your phone. That’s why, after connecting your smartphone with your television, you should turn the volume up on your TV and turn it down on your phone.

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Turn off notifications

With screen mirroring, all that happens on your sender device screen will be shown on the receiver device. That includes any notifications and pop-ups. If you want to avoid people seeing your DMs, you have to turn your notifications off.

Here’s how to do it on an Android device:

  1. Go to Settings – Apps and notifications.
  2. Click ‘Notifications’.
  3. Adjust the notification settings for each app.
  4. You can also use the Do Not Disturb option in the Advanced section.

Make sure to allow notifications on your Samsung TV, though! When connecting for the first time, a pop-up notification will appear asking you to give permission for screen mirroring.

Avoid inserting sensitive informations when casting

Since everyone in your vicinity can see your screen while mirroring, we do not recommend using any case sensitive material while doing so. That includes passwords, bank data, private messages – anything you don’t want random people getting their eyes on!

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AirBeamTV Mirror for Samsung TV Android App

We’ve developed this new revolutionary app to bring the convenience of screen mirroring to your Android devices. Now, you can easily cast from your Android tablet or smartphone to your Samsung TV.

Casting Android to Samsung TV – requirements

There are only four things you need to start casting your Android to your Samsung television:

  1. A Samsung Smart TV.
  2. An Android device – a smartphone or a tablet.
  3. Wireless Internet connection.
  4. The AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring Samsung TV app!
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Get the full Samsung TV mirroring experience

Screen Mirroring Samsung TV is a free app. Yes, you can watch all your favorite videos, apps and web content completely free of charge!

But, to access all of the great features of the app, we recommend the Pro version. With it, you get:

  1. Full HD image quality
  2. An ad-free experience
  3. Unlimited casting
AirBeamTV to Android to Samsung Tv casting app promotional banner showing a person holding a smartphone and mirroring an image of a sunrise in the mountains to a TV that is hanging on a wall

Android casting app for Samsung TV – cost

There are three payment plans available for you. Pick the one that suits you best!

  1. Monthly – $5.99
  2. Yearly – $15.99
  3. Lifetime – $19.99

Why Can’t I Cast From Android to my Samsung Smart TV?

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Connect Android device and Samsung TV to the same WiFi

For any screen mirroring app to work, both your receiver and sender device have to be connected to the same wireless network. If the app can’t find your TV to connect with, check your TV’s WiFi status.

How to connect Samsung TV to WiFi
  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Press the left button to access menu.
  3. Scroll down to Menu.
  4. Go to Settings and then click down to ‘All Settings’.
  5. Go to ‘Connection’ – ‘Network’ – ‘Open Network Settings’.
  6. Click ‘Wireless’ and choose the network you wish to connect with.
  7. Enter your network password and press ‘Go’.
  8. Done!

Is your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi? Click the link to find out how to solve this problem!

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Make sure devices and the app are updated

If casting from Android to Samsung TV stops working, check whether both your devices and the screen mirroring app are updated. Sometimes after you update one of those things, it may stop being compatible with the others. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep all your devices and apps up to date.

How to update Samsung Smart TV
  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Navigate left.
  3. Access Settings.
  4. Go to Support – Software Update – Update Now.
  5. Click ‘Yes’ when asked if you wish to download the update.
  6. You can also toggle on an auto-update option.

After updating, your Samsung TV will restart.

Looking for a guide on how to update apps such as HBO Max on Samsung TV? Click the link and check out our step-by-step guide.

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How to update Android
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click System.
  3. Click ‘Advanced’ – ‘System Update’.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to update your Android device.
How to update apps on Android
  1. Open the Google Play app.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Click ‘Manage apps and device’.
  4. Go to ‘Manage’ – ‘Updates available’.
  5. Select the app you with to update.
  6. Click the update icon in the top-right corner.
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Reboot your TV

If you can’t connect your Android device to your Samsung TV for screen mirroring, try restarting your TV. Sometimes, there’s an error during the booting process, which may prevent casting. Turning your TV off and back on will allow the system to start anew, likely solving the problem.

Restart your smartphone or tablet

Similarly as with the TV, your Android tablet or smartphone might also have some error in it that prevents casting from working. Restarting your device will likely fix the issue.

Popular Samsung Smart TV Apps

a person holding a samsung phone with a weather app open. In the background there is a smart TV showing a blurred image of a race car

Samsung Smart TV comes with a whole array of downloadable apps. From streaming services and Live TV, to games, all the way to things like karaoke, your Samsung TV is an entertainment powerhouse.

Some of the most popular Samsung TV apps include Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube or Disney Plus. Click the button below and learn about many more great Samsung Smart TV apps!

How to download apps on Samsung Smart TV

Downloading apps to your Samsung Smart TV is easier than you think!

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  1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Select ‘Apps’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Go to the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Type in the name of the app you wish to download in the search bar.
  5. Click ‘Install’ and wait for the app to download.
  6. Enjoy!

What is Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s very own free streaming service. It offers on-demand movies and series, as well as Live TV. While the app’s content selection mostly consists of older or less popular pieces, it still is a nice addition for any Samsung TV owner!

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Samsung Smart TV – Questions & Answers

How to reset Samsung TV?

If you’re experiencing serious problems with your Samsung Smart TV such as connection, signal, sound, picture or network issues, a factory reset might be a good option for you.

A factory reset means bringing the system back to the state it was when the TV left the factory. It’s a clean slate and that means the issues and bugs that plagued your TV will be gone.

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Keep in mind that a factory reset will also erase all your apps and accounts. That means you will have to re-download all the apps and log back in. Samsung TVs have several self-diagnosis tools that can help you with common problems – a reset should be your last resort.

Here’s how to do a factory reset on Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head to General – Reset.
  3. Enter the following PIN – 0000.
  4. Select ‘Reset’ and then ‘Ok’.
  5. Your TV will perform a reset and then restart.
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How to factory reset Android?

A factory reset is a good way to reset your Android device if you’re experiencing some severe system issues. But do make sure you are familiar with the consequences of such action.

A factory reset will wipe all of your Android smartphone or tablet’s internal storage data. That means all of your downloaded apps, system settings, music, photos, user data and files. You will also be logged out of your Google account.

First, make sure all your data is backed up. Otherwise you will lose it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings – System.
  2. Click ‘Back’.
  3. Choose ‘Back up now’.
a closeup image showing app icons on an android smartphone -Play Store, Facebook, Messenger, Chrome

Now you can perform a factory reset without the fear of losing all your files, information and data. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Settings – System.
  2. Click ‘Advanced’.
  3. Go to ‘Reset options’.
  4. Choose ‘Delete all data (factory reset).
  5. Confirm by clicking ‘Erase all data’.

How to screen record on Android?

  1. Swipe your finger down from the very top of the screen.
  2. Swipe it down again to access a quick choice menu.
  3. Click the pen icon in the mid-left part of the screen.
  4. Click ‘Screen record’.
  5. Adjust the settings.
  6. Click ‘Start’.
a hand holding an android phone with the screen showing action icons. Screen record icon is highlighted with a large red arrow

How to stop Android screen record?

  1. Swipe your finger down from the top of your screen.
  2. Click the red panel that says ‘Tap to stop’.
  3. Your screen recoding will automatically be saved in the ‘Photos’ folder.

To watch your screen recording go to Photos – Movies and click the recorded video.

How do I resolve issues with lag or delay when casting high-quality videos or games from my Android device to my Samsung TV?

Issues with lag or delay when casting high-quality videos or games are often encountered. It is recommended that the WiFi network be checked for stability and speed. A direct connection to the router can also be considered, ensuring the most stable connection is used for both the Android device and the Samsung TV. By reducing the distance between the device and the router, and by limiting the number of devices connected to the network, the performance can be optimized.

Can I cast to a Samsung TV from Android devices that are not on the same WiFi network, such as from a cellular connection or a different network?

The question of casting to a Samsung TV from Android devices not on the same WiFi network introduces the need for specific apps or services designed for remote casting. Through these services, content can be shared over the internet, allowing for casting from a cellular connection or a different network. However, it is essential that security and privacy considerations be taken into account, as casting over public or unsecured networks can pose risks.


AirBeamTV is a leader on the screen mirroring market. With us, you can easily improve your home entertainment in a matter of minutes. We offer multiple applications for every popular TV brand, from Samsung and LG, to Philips, Sony or Panasonic. We also have dedicated apps for streaming devices – Roku, Chromecast and Fire TV.

AirBeamTV apps for Android, iOS and MacOS allow you to watch all your favorite content on a big TV screen. All that with no expensive hardware or tangled cables!

Try AirBeamTV for free today!

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