Classroom Screen Mirroring

Share your iPhone or iPad on desktop, beamer or a digital schoolbord Especially designed for Colleges, Universities and Businesses. Available through Apple Business Manager.

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Future proof your organization

Interactive Engagement

Share wireless presentations stored on your phone or tablet on any screen in a classroom or business meeting. Receive real-time feedback from pupils or colleagues.


Modernize Meetings and Classes

Allow teams and classrooms to work together within one window. Easily share your iPhone or iPad during video conferencing.

No Required Setup

Simply download and install the app after successful registration. No need for additional hardware, HDMI-cables or expensive software.


Built for Schools and Businesses

What people say

"Works great! Thank you! Been hassling with mirroring programs all day! Had to find out how to enter code. But his one worked first shot! Customer service was on Facebook and got back to me in minutes. Thanks again!"

"Works as Advertised The set up was simple and had great clarity! There is a bit of lag, but it’s to be expected given that the screen is being broadcast! Definitely worth the full price to purchase for unlimited"

"Mobile app demos - I use this to do demos of our Mobile app from my iPhone. Amazing response, graphics, and background. I tried several in the app store and none comes close to this quality or ease if use."

"Very reliable! I have used many other mirroring apps in class and this is the only one that work every time! "

"Works with chrome browser on Linux too! Using the Classroom app on my iPad could write equations in real time using the Apple pencil on the iPad with the screen shared with an online zoom session running on Linux. "

"There is no easier way to mirror an iOS screen to a Windows . Just type a code into the Chrome browser. So simple. I love it."

"It works! I didn’t think it was possible to mirror from my iPad to my PC, but it is! I’m definitely not tech savvy but it was super easy to figure out with this app."

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Common questions

How to get the app for my school or organization

To purchase the app, please go to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.First of all, AirBeamTV needs to record your Organisation ID into iTunes Connect, to enable Classroom Screen Mirroring to be purchase by your organisation.

Please provide us with your Organisation ID and the exact name as listed in Apple School/Business Manager:

Please enter the organisation ID, and name and your e-mail address in theform below:Within 24 hours, you will receive an email that Classroom Screen Mirroringis available for purchase for your organisation. After that, please make sure Custom Apps is enabled:

Then, when you select Custom Apps in the menu on the right hand side, Classroom Screen Mirroring appears available for you to purchase and assign to specific Apple devices in your management system

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected]

How to install the app on my iPhone?

After you have successfully downloaded the app from the Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager on your iPhone, it’s time to install the Classroom Screen Mirroring app.
After opening the app for the first time on your iPhone, a quick setup screen will automatically guide you through the most important steps. Visit the Installation Guide for ‘Mirror for Mac or Windows PC’ for more information. view guide
After you have completed the installation, visit to start casting your phone on your laptop or desktop.

How do I get the sound working on my iPhone or iPad?

Using Safari Browser:Please update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13 or newer to have sound from Safari browser during mirroring. Also, do not forget to disable the mute button (on some models) which is positioned on the left side of your device. Turn down the sound of your phone or tablet and up on your TV.

Using a browser for iPhone 5s & 6:
At this time, Safari, Chrome and FireFox browser won’t allow sound during mirroring with iOS 11 or 12. We recommend downloading ‘Dolphin Browser’ for free to enable sound for your browser. Download from the App Store:

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For iPad

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