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02 Jul: AirBeamTV Lets You Mirror a Mac Screen to a Samsung Smart TV

The app is called Mirror for Samsung TV, and it’s available for Mac OS X. For it to work, you’ll need at least Mac OS X 10.10, a Samsung Smart TV sold after 2012 (admittedly, that’s most of them). The good news is the app is simple to use — it’ll scan for and connect to your Samsung Smart TV automatically and start mirroring your MacBook’s screen wirelessly immediately.

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02 Jul: How You Can Mirror iPhone To Samsung Smart TV

Last year, AirBeamTV enabled mirroring on a Samsung TV from a Mac screen by engineering a Mac app. The application didn’t require you to own an Apple TV in order to do so, which was great for users who wanted to have one but couldn’t or weren’t willing to hand over the cash to buy one.