When I use the AirBeamTV app on my iPhone or iPad, the image doesn’t cover the whole TV screen. How can I solve this?

Because our app mirrors exactly the screen of your iPhone or iPad on your TV.

Different iPhone and iPad models have different aspect ratios, which are not always equal to TV screens that mostly have a 16:9 aspect ratio. For instance, the iPhone 10 and 11 have a 19.5:9. aspect ratio. For iPad there is even more variety. iPad models can vary from 4:3 to a wider 4.3:3 or 12.9:9 aspect ratio. Because of this reason black bars can appear on your TV screen during mirroring.
Unfortunately, this has nothing to with our app and we cannot change this. Some devices (like the iPhone 10 and 11) let you manually enlarge the screen for a better view by enlarging the screen by pinch and zoom or enabling a full width screen option if the app you are mirroring supports this feature.