Screen Mirroring App For Android to TV

AirBeamTV apps cast the screen of your Android phone or Android tablet wirelessly to your Smart TV. Discover screen mirroring Android and cast videos, movies, sport, news, apps and more on TV. You do not need a Chromecast, Firestick or Roku.

No cables or additional hardware required

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Mirror Phone or Tablet to TV From Android

AirBeamTV’s casting apps for Android devices allow you to easily share your device’s screen on your TV. Once you install the app of your choice, you can seamlessly mirror your Android smartphone or tablet’s screen to your Smart TV with a single tap.

Enjoy watching your favorite movies, binge watch shows, or presenting slideshows on a bigger screen, without any hassle or delay. With AirBeamTV’s Android casting apps, you can elevate your entertainment experience and share your content with friends and family in a comfortable and immersive way. And, you do not need a Chromecast, Firestick, Roku or any other media streamer.

AirBeamTV works with all popular Smart TV models such as LG, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Hisense and many more!

Stream Your Preferred Content to Your TV

Upgrade your home entertainment with the Screen Mirroring Android phone & tablet apps developed by AirBeamTV, which allow you to wirelessly stream videos from up-to devices in real time. You can even use them as an HD media player!

AirBeamTV is a brand new way to stream your favorite shows, sports and movies on the big screen without needing an HDMI cable. Just connect your Android device wirelessly with one of many streaming services like YouTube, Roku or Amazon Prime Video!

Watch Everything on the Big Screen

AirBeamTV offers mirror apps that are compatible with Android mobile devices, making it easier than ever to connect your phone or tablet to your TV.

Simply download the app that matches your TV brand and start mirroring your Android device’s screen. With AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring Android app, you can enjoy all your favorite movies and apps on your TV, without the need for cords or expensive equipment.

Say goodbye to cluttered viewing experiences and embrace a hassle-free, easy-to-use environment that puts you in control of your TV. So why wait? Start beaming your favorite content straight from the comfort of your own home today!

Mirror Your Android Phone or Tablet

Are you an Android user looking for a way to watch your favorite content on the big screen? AirBeamTV can help! Simply connect it with any supported Smart TV and cast movies, sport events or series from anywhere in just seconds.

It’s unnecessary to buy pricey hardware to cast Android devices to your TV. You don’t need a Chromecast, Firestick or Roku perse.

Mirror your phone or tablet’s screen onto the big-screen with AirBeamTV. This amazing app will allow you to watch everything from shows, sports, photos, news and videos right on a television set in front of you!

Screen Cast media to TV
  • Screen Mirroring Entertainment is everywhere. With AirBeamTV, you can stream apps and movies to your TV in a whole new way! Watch sporting events on the big screen or get everyone involved with video meetings – it’s all here waiting for YOU when using our casting app features that are available via Android phones/tablets.

  • Stream Movies, Series & Apps With AirBeamTV, you can now enjoy movies, series and videos on your TV in high definition! The easy-to use app is free to download from Google Play Store. Mirror your phone or tablet screen onto the big screen with AirBeamTV Android application.

  • No Cables or Streaming Dongle If you lack a streaming device, no worries! You can download the Android Screen Mirroring app created by AirBeamTV to connect your phone wirelessly to your TV. With this app, you can mirror your Android screen and share your stream without the need for HDMI cables or any additional hardware. Just launch the app, connect your phone to your TV, and start casting!

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Screen Mirroring FAQs

Follow these quick steps to get started:

✔ Step 1: Download the App

Get the app on your phone or tablet, without additional hardware. Simply hit “Install” on your device and after a few seconds you’ll have access. AirBeamTVs screen mirroring apps for Android look differently per TV brand.

✔ Step 2: Select Your TV

Open the AirBeamTV app on your smartphone (or tablet). Select the TV from the menu that you want to use for Android mirroring. The application may also ask you to download a Receiver App on your TV, depending on your TV Brand or Streaming Player.

✔ Step 3: Start Mirroring

Click “Start Mirroring”. Select ‘Mirror [Name of TV]’ and press “Start Broadcast”. Your screen will instantly appear on your TV. 

✔ Step 4: Stream Series, Films, Apps, News and more

Sit back and enjoy all your favorite shows, apps, and more on the big screen of your TV. You can even watch YouTube videos or stream fitness workouts

The AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring app mirrors your phone or tablet screen via your wifi network. Download the AirBeamTV app and start mirroring your device screen instantly.

Once you download the Android AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring app of choice, you can stream any content you want.

Mirror Your Phone in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download the Android App

Download the Android Screening Mirroring app by AirBeamTV

Step 2: Select Your TV

Open the AirBeamTV app on your Android phone. Choose your TV brand from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Start Mirroring

Click “Start Mirroring”. Your Android phone screen appears instantly on your Smart TV.

Want to know how to screen mirror your Android device to TV? AirBeamTV apps display your phone or tablet screen wirelessly on your Smart TV.

Discover these easy steps:

Mirror Your Android Tablet in record time

Step 1: Download the App

Download our Android Screening Mirroring Tablet app.

Step 2: Select Your TV brand

Open the AirBeamTV app from your Android tablet. Choose your TV from the menu.

Step 3: Start Mirroring

Click “Start Mirroring”. Your Android tablet screen appears on your TV right away.

AirBeamTV has the best mirror apps for Android. Stream all your favorite series, videos, movies and apps from your tablet to the big screen.

If you have an Android phone, open our app on your device. Then launch the mirror app for Android phone. Your device will automatically scan the TVs within on your local network. After that, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the name of your television
  2. Open YouTube on your Android device. 
  3. Hit “Start Mirroring”. 
  4. AirBeamTV mirrors YouTube from your Android phone to your TV screen with out HDMI.

All AirBeamTV screen mirroring apps are compatible with YouTube and YouTubeTV. Enjoy YouTube videos with your loved ones on the big screen.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Install AirBeamTV on your Android device. 
  2. Open the app on your phone or tablet. 
  3. Select the TV you wish to use to watch Facebook Live. Tap “Start Mirroring”. 
  4. Your Android phone screen is displayed on TV. 
  5. Open the Facebook app and choose content to watch.

AirBeamTV mirrors Facebook via your Android phone or tablet. Wireless of course. There’s no need to get up from the sofa! You can enjoy Facebook Live broadcasts on TV straight from your Android mobile device. Simply select the clip you wish to watch. Then sit back and enjoy!

AirBeamTV supports all social media applications like Facebook. Enjoy videos, photos, reels and live streams from Facebook on TV in record time.

Start now and follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick your TV brand from the menu. 
  2. Download AirBeamTV on your Android phone or tablet. 
  3. Open our app.
  4. Select your TV from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click “Start Mirroring” .

Mirroring your phone or tablet wirelessly to a TV has never been easier. AirBeamTV can be opened at any time and will instantly mirror the screen of whatever device it’s on, without having an external HDMI cable required!

It works on any Android device. Whether you want to mirror from a Samsung Galaxy, Vivo X80, Google Pixel, OnePlus or Xiaomi. AirBeamTV is the best choice for any phone.

AirBeamTV offers all popular TV brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and many others. Our Android screen mirroring application is fully compatible with a wide range of popular streaming devices, including Chromecast, Firestick, and Roku.

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of purchasing additional HDMI cables or costly hardware. With our Android screen mirroring app, you can seamlessly connect your devices wirelessly and enjoy a streamlined viewing experience without breaking the bank. Best of all, you can try our app for free today and discover the convenience of wireless connectivity for yourself!

Check out these 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the AirBeamTV app on your Android phone/tablet. 
  2. Select your TV from the menu. 
  3. The screen of your Android device is displayed on tv.

The possibilities are endless. Casting your favorite content to watch on TV is as easy and simple with AirBeamTV mirror feature for Android smartphones or tablets! Watch videos, see meetings & conferences calls live from anywhere in just about any room without having wires running all over – perfect for those who want convenience at its finest.

You can even stream fitness workouts if that’s something you enjoy doing often so others also get inspired by what they see when viewing them online

Wondering how to cast videos from Android? You’ve come across the right place! Below, we’ll show you easy steps on using AirBeamTV app for casting your favorite entertainment content.

If you don’t have a WiFi network available, you could use a mobile hotspot or tether your phone’s internet connection to your TV, but this would still require a WiFi connection to facilitate the mirroring process.

One possible solution is to use an app like AirBeamTV, which allows you to mirror your Android screen to a TV via WiFi. However, this app requires both your phone and TV to be connected to the same WiFi network.

In summary, a WiFi connection is necessary for mirroring an Android phone to a TV, as it provides a reliable and stable connection for transferring the screen data. Without a WiFi connection, mirroring is not possible.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mirror an Android phone to a TV without a WiFi connection. Mirroring requires a stable and reliable wireless network connection to transfer the screen data from the phone to the TV.

If you’re looking to mirror your Android smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV, AirBeamTV – the market leader in screen mirroring apps – has you covered. We offer the best app for mirroring Android to Samsung TV, as well as mirroring apps for all devices, including iOS and macOS.

With our app, you can easily and wirelessly enjoy your favorite content on the big screen without the need for unsafe or annoying cables. Whether you want to watch videos, movies, or play games, our screen mirroring app for Android to Samsung TV makes it easy to do so.

To get started, simply download our app from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions provided. You’ll be up and running in no time, enjoying your favorite content on your Samsung Smart TV with ease.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mirror an Android phone to a TV without a WiFi connection. Mirroring requires a stable and reliable wireless network connection to transfer the screen data from the phone to the TV.

Apple has made this possible by supporting the Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass streaming services in the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

To enjoy Apple TV+ or MLS Season Pass on your Android phone or tablet, you can simply open the Chrome or Firefox browser on your device and navigate to the respective websites. From there, you can sign in to your Apple account and access the content available through Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass.

You can indeed watch Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass on certain non-Apple devices, including Windows PCs, Chrome OS devices, and Android devices.

Mirror App Reviews

Excellent rating 4.8 / 5

  • Great App and Customer Service! I love this app. It allows me to mirror my work from my computer to my screen. There is a bit of a lag from what’s being done on the computer to when it actually appears on the screen, but other than that, it works great!

  • Excellent I went through a lot of apps but they either had a lot of lagging or was a lot of ads this is the first true great TV mirror app I’ve came across.

  • Great application It allows you to watch instructional programs and hear and follow directions much clearer.

  • Great app! Responsive tech team I was looking for an app that would allow me to mirror my laptop wirelessly on my TV and this one certainly does an excellent job. I had some trouble getting the mirroring to work. I emailed the tech support and they responded within an hour with a fix. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

  • Excellent – Beautiful – Marvelous – I am so GLAD that I stumbled upon this App. Because of my lack of Mac expertise I was contemplating the purchase of a $600. plus projector. What a wonderful surprise to discover this fantastic piece of software. Thank You Developers! I love it.

  • The search is complete This app is exactly what I needed as I attended a virtual conference. There was no issues with running the app, as it is user-friendly.


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