Mirror your iPhone or iPad on a LG TV

Mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to a big LG TV screen with the “Mirror for LG TV’ app.

UPDATE: Using a browser
At this time, Safari, Chrome and FireFox browser won’t allow sound during mirroring with our app. We recommend to download ‘Dolphin Browser’ for free to enable sound for your browser. Download from the App Store:
For iPhone: https://bit.ly/iPhoneDolphin
For iPad: https://bit.ly/TabletDolphin

Don’t forget to switch OFF the mute button on the side of your iPhone so sound is enabled. Also, turn DOWN the sound of your iPhone/iPad and turn ON the sound of your TV.

Stream videos, photos and apps to your TV without the need for an AppleTV. Follow the instructions in the video to enjoy the best mirroring experience.