Works great!

Works great with my macbook, just be sure to have a good wi-fi signal!


Excelente aplicación!!!

Duplica la pantalla del Mac lo que permite ver programas y películas online Muy buena Faltaría que sacasen un aplicación idéntica para Sony TV


Looks good so far!

I tested it out first, and it worked! I just spent all night trying to get my new lg smart tv to mirror my mac without buying an apple tv. Looks like this is my answer! So far, so good! Thanks!

Mama of One

does what it says on the tin

Works great – just what I’ve been looking for. Currently listening to spotify through the speakers that are attached to the LG smart tv (spotify app is hopeless , as is the web os browser) but obviously it will be usefull for viewing media files etc etc wirelessly straight from the mac.


Greate App for LG Smart Tvs

Thanks so much for this greate app, i’v been looking for mirroring my laptop mac pro to LG Tv smart Tv and it works PERFECT. Thanks again it save me from a very big cost of buying Apple TV videa and audio is perfect.


Works perfectly for me

Streams perfectly to my LG TV on WiFi with my MacBook on either WiFi or wired connection to the network – no issues whatsoever. There is, as noted, a 1 to 3 seconds of latency, but for my purpose – reviewing documents and spreadsheets with my team – absolutely acceptable. There are a number reviewers complaining about latency when trying to stream video – this is not the app for you. If you want to to review documents, I recommend this 100%. Well worth the money.



Nice and effective.


Great app for LG TV & MAC owners

Now I can stream netflix & amazon video from MacBook air to my LG TV. Must have!!!


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