No need to fork out for Apple TV. This does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s only suitable for watching movies though, since there’s a 2-3 second delay.


#1 Solution to my problem!!!

I own a ‘Smart’ Panasonic tv and unfortunately no apps that I actually use are available such as HBO Go, ShowTime Anytime, etc. This was the solution to my problem without having to go out and purchase another HDMI cable or Apple TV. This app instantly mirrors what is displaying on my MacBook Pro onto my TV screen. Now I can watch anything I absolutely want! AMAZING! Totally worth $10!



L’applicazione è perfetta per chi, come me, ha un televisore Panasonic Viera e vuole replicare quanto appare sul proprio Mac. Utilizzando il mirroring via Ethernet c’è una latenza di appena un secondo, ma video ed audio sono replicati in modo ineccepibile. Inizialmente ho avuto un piccolo problema con l’audio ma grazie al supporto veramente rapido e puntuale tutto si è risolto velocemente. La consiglio senza riserve.



Tried everyhing to get mac on tv (not apple tv) have Google stumbled on this program for Panasonic tv by accident (Bloody good worth the money) .GREAT FOR CATCHUP TV PROG,S 0

Mollie mini


I doubt you will believe me – but this is awesome. It has a 2 second delay but once you ‘enable audio’ and don’t look at your laptop, you wont notice this. For 9.99 its worth it for sure. It works to view whatever is on your laptop screen….so I have been streaming my HBO direct.. and secretly putlocker! I live in Barcelona and have a 2012 Panasonic Viera but there was no app for HBO here. Enable audio BEFORE using the free trial – as otherwise the sound wont work. Then sound comes through the tv at the same time as it should (and off your laptop). You can probably tell by the length this is my first ever review but almost put off by the previous bad one!! Try it for free, worth it.


Amazing Mirroring App

works perfectly when mirroring my MacBook Air to the Panasonic Smart TV. there’s only a 2 second lag which is acceptable to me since it’s wireless and i don’t need to use any cables. price is slightly expensive but worth it.


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