Works as promised! Audio easy add-on

We have a Macbook Pro 2016 and a 2013 and a 2016 Samsung Smart TV and high speed internet. Super easy download and installation, once we we downloaded the audio extension and enabled audio, there was no sound lag. Super happy to be able watch movies and programs from the computer on our tv with no cables or hassle.


Works just as described for me

I’m using my new 2016 15” MacBook Pro. I rolled the dice on this purchase considering the overall ratings. However, for me it installed and worked flawlessly. We have a 2013 55” Samsung TV.

5D3 Phil

Superb app

I bought this app so as I could watch training content on my Samsung TV (model UE40JU6410) broadcast from MacBook Pro. The version 1.3.7 works perfectly with my Samsung TV. Many thanks to the developers, you’ve saved me having to buy Apple TV.


Best app for my mac

Working great!!!


Works great for us

We got this app to stream videos from our laptop and this works great.
First we tried the free version and it worked so we bought it and we’re very happy.


Works well

Works very well on my gigabit ethernet home network. There is some initial latency but no buffering problems.


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