Macbook air to Sony 55 display

Superb application. Could not be simpler to use. Highly recommended.


Great and easy to use

It’s a shame that this app does not come included with the Mac. Apple only lets you connect to an Apple TV and if, like me, you have a SONY Bravia, you cannot use it. Luckily there is this Mirror app. It is very easy to use and works great. I had a small problem at the beginning (the SONY Bravia has a tendency to lose wifi connection) but the support team replied immediately. Further, there is a 3 second gap between the computer and the TV so if you want to watch video you must also install the free audio driver, but anyway it takes just a minute to download it and get it running. So finally I can enjoy my MacBook video on my SONY TV and I am more than happy.



it just works like magic!


I think it’s great!

I tried the demo first and was glad to spend $10 for this slick interface. Basically, everything worked perfectly. Especially for streaming video. The picture on my 55” 4k Sony from my late 2001 2.5ghz MacBook Pro 17′ is excellent! It would be even better if there was no lag for surfing or working in apps, but I could hard wire for that. It a simple automatic connection that is easy to select, without changing any settings on the tv, no matter what source I was using, and it’s up and running in seconds. At the drop of a hat, at any time I can put it up on the big screen. Bam! It works! What’s to complain about? I got over the 2-3 second lag real quick! All I can say is that it has been flawless the dozen plus times I have used it, even hours at a time, pausing or doing whatever I chose. Good job, guys! Thanks!



I have a XBR-55X850D and been looking to wirelessly play GoPro footage and what not from my Macbook Pro to my TV. This took all of 30 seconds to setup. (25 seconds was spent looking for the audio driver on their website). A/V is 5/5. No lag. This is with so-so quality video. If you’re wanting to stream 4K you’re still going to need a cable, but 720/1080p comes through just fine.


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