AirBeamTV launches wireless screen mirroring from Mac to Sony Bravia TVs

Naarden, The Netherlands, Thursday November 17th, 2016 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – AirBeamTV, a Mac software development company, today announced the official release of the Mirror for Sony TV application in the Mac App Store. This unique application provides the only way to mirror you Mac screen to your Sony Bravia Smart TV without cables or additional hardware.

Wireless mirroring used to be only available to Mac users with an AppleTV connected to their TV. Now, with the introduction of Mirror for Sony TV by AirBeamTV, it’s available to all Mac users, without the need of any cables or boxes.

Mirror for Sony TV is the latest in a family of popular screen mirroring apps from AirBeamTV. The first product, Mirror for Samsung TV, quickly raised to the top paid video apps on the Mac App Store in USA and other countries, and consistently stays within top 10 up to now.

“After we launched our screen mirroring apps for Samsung, LG and Panasonic, we had lots of people asking for a version for Sony TV”, says Jan van Ottele, co-founder and Managing Director. “However, the getting our screen mirroring technology to work correctly on all different versions of Sony Bravia Smart TVs proved to be quite difficult. Now we finally achieved this goal!”

Demid Borodin, co-founder and Directory of Technology explains further: “We support Sony TVs from 2012 onwards. This means that we support the early Smart TV models, as well as the latest Android based Sony Bravia Smart TVs. The video playback technology in Sony TVs has changed a lot over the years, but our Mirror for Sony TV app is capable of handling all the different model years.”

Mirror for Sony TV is available on the Mac App Store for $9.99 and can be downloaded from:

Users who would like to test Mirror for Sony TV to see if their TV is supported and their local network is fast enough, can download a free 2-minute trial version here:

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AirBeamTV was founded in 2014 to develop applications for wireless screen mirroring to Smart TVs. It is based in Naarden, The Netherlands. Earlier in 2016, the Company released the Mirror for Samsung TV, the Mirror for LG TV and the Mirror for Panasonic TV macOS applications. For more information, please visit