AirBeamTV Now Supports Video File Playback from Mac to Smart TVs

Naarden, The Netherlands, Wednesday July 4th, 2017 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – AirBeamTV today announced the release of version 2.0 of their popular screen mirroring applications for Smart and Connected TVs. The apps for all major TV brands (Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast) now have the option to play video files directly from Apple Mac computers to TV.

“Just drag and drop your video into the Mirror application, and it will play automatically on TV”, explains Jan van Ottele, co-founder and CEO of AirBeamTV, “this is great for watching videos on your big screen TV instead of on a smaller Macbook screen, since most common video file formats are supported”.

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Besides Video File Playback, version 2.0 includes the following new features:

– Fully redesigned user interface. The new modern user interface provides a better look and feel, and easier and faster access to all the settings.

– Mirror any application window instead of the full screen. You can now mirror any open application window to the TV, instead of the full computer screen. Even if this window is hidden, minimized to the Dock, or resides on a different Mission Control space. This enables you to use the computer and the TV screens for different purposes at the same time.

– Scale the display to fill the TV screen. Because the screen aspect ratios are different, the application normally adds black borders when mirroring the Mac screen to the TV screen. Now you have the option to stretch the computer screen instead.

All of these features are available immediately on the following apps:

– Mirror for Samsung TV 2.0

– Mirror for Sony TV 2.0

– Mirror for LG TV 2.0

– Mirror for Panasonic TV 2.0

– Mirror for Philips TV 2.0

– Mirror for Fire TV 2.0

– Mirror for Roku 2.0

– Mirror for Chromecast 2.0

– Mirror for Android TV 2.0

The upgrade is free for existing AirBeamTV customers. “Users who bought the app on our website will receive an automatic notification in the app to upgrade”, continues Van Ottele, “users who have bought one of the Mirror apps on the Mac App Store will need to go the Mac App Store and click on Updates.”

“Since the launch of our screen mirroring applications, we have listened carefully to the feedback we received from our customers”, says Dr. Demid Borodin, co-founder and Director of Video Technology. “Especially the multitasking option (using the Mac screen for one purpose, while using the TV screen to watch something different) was very frequently requested. We are happy that we can provide this functionality now.”