Mac and Smart TV

Mirror your Mac screen to your TV
with the Mirror for Smart TV app from AirBeamTV.

 ” This app is just what I needed. I needed to review some house plans with alot of detail and zooming in on my computer was just too cumbersome. I tried the MIrror for LG app and it solved the problem. The app was easy and fast to download and simple to use. I had my computer’s image on the large screen tv within 30 seconds. The image was clear and resolution was excellent. And the best part was that it was all wireless. I highly recommend this app for reviewing detailed documents, still photographs, etc.” – 


“Well worth the $9.99 price! Works great! The picture from my MacBook Pro looks just as good if not better than my wireless U-Verse signal to my TV. I was using it to watch March Madness off my computer and my wife walks by the TV and says “what a great picture!” She could not believe it was the App going to my Smart Samsung TV. One person commented on there being a delay… of course there will be a delay … your computer is getting a wireless signal and then has to send that signal wirelessly to your TV. […]”

– Zippy from Ohio

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