Screen Mirroring App Pack for Mac

Receive up to 65% discount from the Mac App Store! Also for current AirBeamTV customers who have purchased one of the screen mirroring apps from AirBeamTV before. You can use Apple’s “Complete My Bundle” option to only pay the difference between your existing app and the bundle price to purchase all apps!

Mac App Bundles on the Mac App Store require MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) or newer



Mac APP PACK with 9 apps

Stream your MacBook or Mac on TV

Watch everything on the big screen

Mirror your screen
Mirror your Mac on a Smart TV. We offer the most powerful solution for casting your monitor and sound on the big screen! Share your screen "live" on TV.
Stream movies & apps
Use our Mac apps to stream movies to your TV. Watch your favorite shows on the big TV screen. Besides video, you can also cast music and apps.
Cable free
We make Screen Mirroring effortless, easy and fast. No cables or additional hardware is needed to stream your Mac on the big TV screen!

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