How do I install the Mac app after downloading it from your website?

In this video we will explain to you how to download and install the free trial version of the app. We will also show you how to allow the necessary System Preferences so you can start Screen Mirroring today!

Transcript of the video

Hi and thank you for choosing AirBeamTV. In this video I will explain how to install one of our Screen Mirroring apps for Mac. In this case the Mirror for Hisense TV app.

On our website, you can download a free trial version for this app or for your TV brand of choice. We support all major TV brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Fire TV and many more.

After downloading the app, you will need to open the PKG-file to start the installation.

Click on the file and it will open this window.

Click on ‘Continue’ and after this on ‘Install’.

Because you are going to install new software on your computer, you’ll be asked to enter your system password or to use Touch ID. Please do so and click ‘Install Software’’.

After the app has been installed, you’ll see a confirmation that the software has been installed correctly.

Click on ‘Close’ to end the installation program.

After that, a window will pop up with the question to remove the installer program. Please do so and click on ‘Move to Bin’.

Now turn on your TV and make sure your TV and your computer are on the same WiFi net-work. Open the AirBeamTV mirror app by clicking on the app icon on the top bar.

Select your TV and check the box ‘Enable Sound on TV’ in case you want the sound to be sent from your Mac to your TV. If this is the first time you use the app, a pop-up will appear..

Click on ‘Authorize’. The app will need access to the microphone to activate the audio driver. Click on ‘OK’.

Click on ’Start Mirroring’ to begin.

Important: the first time, a pop up will appear and you’ll be asked to give our app permission foe Screen Recording in your System Settings. In this case ‘Mirror for Hisense TV’.

Click on ‘Open System Preferences, click on the lock-icon on the bottom of the window, enter your System password and check the box next to our app.

Finally, click on ‘Quit and Reopen’ to relaunch the app.

Now you are ready to mirror your Mac to TV.

Open the app by clicking on the icon at the top bar. To start your free trial, click on the ‘Try’ button. When you upgrade to the full version, you can also enter your license key here.

Click ‘Start Mirroring’ to begin.

Next time you can start Screen Mirroring right away.

Thanks for your attention and Happy Mirroring!