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How do I install your Mac app after downloading it from your website?

In this video we will explain you how to download the app, install it on your computer and allowing the necessary System Preferences so you can start mirroring today!

Transcript of the video

Hi and thank you for choosing AirBeamTV. In this video I will explain how to install one of our AirBeamTV apps, in
this case the Mirror for Hisense TV app, which you have downloaded from our website.

In case you have not done this yet on you can download a free trial version of the app for the brand of your choice. After you have
downloaded the app you will need to install the DMG file.

Click on the file and it will open this window. Next, drag the file to the Applications Folder.
Now double-click the Applications Folder and run the app from the Applications Folder.

Important: give permission to the required System Preferences.

Click on ‘Open System Preferences’, go to ‘Security & Privacy’ and to ‘Screen Recording’.
Enable the check mark for your app, in this case Mirror for Hisense TV and select ‘Quit Now’.

Open the Mirror for Hisense TV app again and start mirroring!