The first time that I use Screen Mirroring on my Samsung TV, should I allow the incoming connection on TV?

The first time that you use the Screen Mirroring app on your Mac, your Samsung will ask you whether it should accept incoming connections. This looks like this:

Select “Allow” and the screen mirroring from your Mac to your Samsung TV will start.

If you have selected “Deny” by mistake, there is an easy way to fix it:

Samsung TVs from 2012 to 2014 (E, F, H Models):

First go (on your Samsung TVs) to Network / Allshare Settings / Content Sharing, then select the device with “Denied” next to it. Click it and change it to allow. Then start the mirroring again from your Mac.

Samsung TVs from 2015 to 2016 (J and K Models):

Go to (on your Samsung TV) to Network / Multimedia Device Manager, select the device with “Denied” and select allow. Then start mirroring again from your Mac.

Samsung TVs from 2017 (M, N, R Models and QLED):

Go to General / External Device Manager / Device Connection Manager / Device List, select Edit, select All and make sure that the list is cleared.