Why is my Mac asking for access to the Microphone?

Why is my Mac asking for access to the Microphone? Should I allow that?

To be able to mirror video as well as audio to the TV, we are using a separate audio driver. This audio driver needs to be installed on your Mac. When you select “Enable Sound on TV”, your Mac will show a popup with the question to allow access to the Microphone.

We are not actually using the microphone on your Mac, but we are taking the system audio of your Mac, to be sent to the TV. This is why you need to allow for Microphone access.

If you have selected “Don’t Allow” in the past and audio is not being sent to TV, this is what you can do to fix that problem:

Go to System Preferences and select “Security & Privacy”.

Click on the tab Privacy, select Microphone and make sure the checkbox next to the screen mirroring app you are using is enabled.


If you need any further assistance on how to use the app, please contact us, either via Facebook Messenger or through the “send diagnostics information” option in the app. Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you.