I have a firewall on my Mac. Should I change certain settings in the firewall?

What is a firewall?

A firewall is an essential security tool that protects your network and computer systems from unwanted intrusions. It acts as a barrier, preventing malicious traffic from entering or leaving your system, while allowing legitimate traffic to flow freely. Firewalls come in both hardware and software forms, ranging from simple personal firewall programs on single computers to complex enterprise firewall solutions. For everyday users, firewall software can give you peace of mind that your computer is safe from online threats such as malware, viruses, hackers and scam artists. Companies with valuable data should invest in firewall solutions specifically tailored to their needs for maximum protection. While firewalls are capable of providing a high level of security for networks, it’s important to be aware of their limitations and combine them with other security measures for the most comprehensive defense against cyberthreats.

I have a firewall on my Mac. Should I change certain settings in the firewall?

Yes, in the firewall settings, you should allow for incoming connections for the Mirror to TV applications. To make this change, go to System Preferences:

Then select Security & Privacy, click on Firewall and click on the lock to make changes and select Firewall Options:

Do not select “Block all incoming connections”, because if you do this, your TV cannot reach your Mac to start screen mirroring. Next to the Mirror to TV app, “allow incoming connections” should be selected.