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My TV is not showing up in the application. It only says “Currently Idle”.

This means that the Mirror to TV application has not found a compatible Smart TV (from Samsung, Panasonic or LG) in your home network. There could be several reasons for this:

Your TV is not connected to your router. How to solve this? Go to Network Settings on your TV and check if your TV is either wired (by ethernet cable) or wireless (through Wifi) connected to your router.
Your TV is connected, but not to the same router as your Mac. Make sure they are both connected either by cable to the same router or wireless to the same Access Point.
We have most of the TVs from Samsung, LG and Panasonic in our database, but it could happen that one typical model is missing. This would mean that we don’t see your TV in the network. If you are sure that your TV is connected to your router on the same network as your Mac, but still the TV is not showing up in the Devices Section of the Mirror to TV app, please send us your diagnostics information, so we can check this out.

You can send diagnostics information by clicking on “Submit diagnostic information” in the app. Please let us know about it, by clicking on “Submit & contact support on Facebook”.