LG TV Remote App For Android

An LG tV and three sony Android smartphones, each with the Lg TV remote app interface on the screen

Use LG TV With Free Android Remote App

Have you ever searched for your LG TV remote, only to discover it hidden amidst your couch cushions, and the batteries drained? Enter the LG TV Remote app for Android devices!

Imagine having complete control over your TV functions right from your pocket, with a simple tap on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Discover unique features: Keyboard, Trackpad, and App Launcher that will transform how you interact with your LG TV.

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An LG TV takes center stage, its screen adorned with the inviting WebOS menu. Complementing this visual harmony, a Samsung smartphone enters the scene, proudly displaying the LG TV Remote Control Plus + app logo on its screen—a seamless blend of convenience and innovation.

Free LG TV Remote App For Android

Crafted to bring the ease of mobile control to all Android users, this LG TV Remote app is available to you completely for free. This app provides you with all the essential functions of a traditional remote control, at no expense:

  • Volume adjustment
  • Channel changes
  • Effortless LG TV navigation

But if you’re eager to elevate your TV control experience, the Premium version awaits, introducing three extraordinary features and an ad-free environment:

Arranged in a seamless line, seven screenshot panels steal the spotlight. Each panel offers a glimpse into the diverse array of features encapsulated within the LG TV Remote Control Plus + app, painting a vivid picture of its capabilities and possibilities.

Android Developer’s Take: LG TV Remote App

To me, it felt incredibly empowering to use the LG TV remote app on an Android device. The app is free to try, which is a significant advantage, and it effectively turns your smartphone—a device that’s always in your pocket—into a versatile remote control. Ensure your phone and LG TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Simply download the app, follow the on-screen instructions to pair it with your TV, and enjoy a seamless viewing experience right from your phone.

Nazmul Hasnat | Senior Software Engineer at AirBeamTV


Say goodbye to the frustrating hunt-and-peck with your remote. The Premium version offers access to a full keyboard via your Android device, transforming text entry into a breeze. Whether you’re searching for a show or entering login details, this feature streamlines the process like never before.

Mouse Pointer

Embrace the familiarity of navigating with a mouse, now on your TV. With the Mouse Pointer feature, you can glide through your LG TV’s interface just as smoothly as you would on a computer, ensuring intuitive and precise control.

An LG TV showcases its screen adorned with the WebOS menu interface. The backdrop reveals a picturesque mountain tower scene, adding to the visual allure.

App Launcher

Bypass the usual Home Screen scrolling to launch apps on your LG TV. The Premium LG TV Remote Control Plus version empowers you to launch your favorite apps directly from your Android device (get it now in Google Play Store). Simply customize the app launcher menu with your preferred apps and save valuable time.

Premium version

The Premium LG TV Remote App offers three subscription options, catering to diverse preferences:

  • Monthly at $4.49: Ideal for those who wish to dip their toes into the Premium experience.
  • Yearly at $16.49: Our most popular plan, ensuring value and convenience.
  • Lifetime at $29.99: A one-time payment for perpetual access, perfect for dedicated users.

Transitioning to a new Android device? No worries! Transferring subscriptions is hassle-free – just log in to the Google Play Store on your new device using your existing account.

A backdrop of soothing lilac sets the tone as three Android phones take center stage. Each phone showcases a distinct screenshot of the LG TV Remote Control Plus + app, highlighting its versatile features and functions.

Universal LG TV Remote App Experience

Concerned about compatibility? Rest assured, the LG TV Remote Control Plus works seamlessly with all LG TVs manufactured after 2012, ensuring widespread accessibility. Furthermore, this app harmonizes effortlessly with all Android devices operating on Android OS 10 or higher, including the latest OS version, 13.


Using an LG TV Remote App for Android offers several advantages that enhance your TV viewing experience. Here are five advantages of using this app:

  1. Never Lose Your Remote Again: One of the primary advantages of using an LG TV Remote App for Android is that you’ll never have to worry about misplacing or losing your physical remote control. Your smartphone is usually always within reach, ensuring you can control your TV even if the physical remote is misplaced.
  2. Convenience and Accessibility: Your Android smartphone is a device you likely carry with you everywhere. Having the LG TV Remote App installed means you can control your TV from anywhere within the range of your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can change channels, adjust volume, and navigate through menus without needing to find your physical remote.
  3. Trackpad Functionality: The LG TV Remote App often includes a trackpad feature that turns your smartphone’s touchscreen into a virtual trackpad. This enables precise and intuitive control over the TV’s cursor, making navigation through menus, apps, and websites smoother and more accurate.
  4. Keyboard Input: The built-in keyboard functionality of the LG TV Remote App allows you to enter text quickly and easily. This is particularly useful when you need to search for content, log in to apps, or enter website URLs. Using a physical keyboard on your smartphone is generally faster than navigating through on-screen keyboards with a standard remote.
  5. App Launcher: Many LG TV Remote Apps offer an app launcher feature that displays a grid of apps available on your TV. This simplifies the process of launching and switching between apps, eliminating the need to scroll through menus with a traditional remote. You can simply tap on the app you want to open.

How to install LG TV remote app on Android?

Set against a serene blue backdrop, the spotlight is on three Android phones. Each phone captures a unique screenshot of the LG TV Remote Control Plus + app interface on its screen, showcasing its versatile functionalities in a harmonious blend of colors.

Installing the LG TV Remote Control Plus app on your Android smartphone is a breeze:

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “LG TV Remote Control Plus.”
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Launch it from your main screen.

Connect Remote App To LG TV

Connecting the app to your LG TV is equally straightforward:

  1. Ensure both your Android device and LG TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Launch LG TV Remote Control Plus.
  3. Select your LG TV from the displayed list.
  4. Voila! You’re connected.

Since this app functions wirelessly, HDMI cables are not required. Just ensure your Android device and LG TV are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network, a prerequisite for remote apps and functionalities like screen mirroring. If you’re encountering Wi-Fi issues with your LG TV, take a look at our guide. It will help you deal with your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

A pale router rests on a contrasting dark surface. Its WLAN ports shine in vibrant yellow, while the power plugs remain sleek in black.

How to uninstall LG TV Remote App?

When it’s time to bid farewell to the LG TV Remote Control Plus app, rest assured that the uninstallation process is simple:

Method 1: Locate the app icon on your home screen panel. Press and hold the app icon. Drag the icon over the ‘Uninstall’ panel in the top-right corner. Confirm by selecting ‘OK.’

Method 2: Access the Google Play Store. Click on your Google Account icon in the top-right corner. Choose ‘Manage apps and device.’ Go to ‘Manage.’ Locate the app you wish to uninstall and select it. Click ‘Uninstall’ and confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a contemporary setting, an LG TV graces a drawer. The room's modern ambiance complements the scene. Nearby, a white Samsung smartphone proudly displays the LG TV Remote Control Plus + app interface on its screen.

Can an Android App Replace an LG TV Remote?

Absolutely! Our LG TV remote app encompasses all the functionalities of a conventional remote control. You can seamlessly adjust volume, switch channels, and effortlessly navigate your TV.

Moreover, LG TV Remote Control Plus doesn’t stop at the ordinary. It introduces captivating features that extend beyond the capabilities of a regular remote. With additions like Keyboard, Mouse Pointer, and App Launcher, it propels the remote experience into new dimensions.

Can I Use the LG TV Remote App on my 2011 LG TV?

Our application collaborates harmoniously with any LG TV equipped with wireless internet connectivity. If your 2011 LG TV boasts Wi-Fi capabilities, then consider the LG TV remote app at your service.

However, it’s wise to note that certain older LG TV models might lack the capacity to connect to Wi-Fi. Before embarking on the journey of downloading our remote app, it’s advisable to verify the Wi-Fi compatibility of your TV.

A bottom-left corner of an LG TV with a black screen. A plant and a laptop screen at the bottom of the image

Resetting Your LG TV

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the reset button on your LG TV seemed like a lifeline? Be it the vexing glitches or the need to reinstate default settings after a bout of experimentation, a reset can be incredibly rejuvenating. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Seek out your TV’s “Settings” menu, using the remote.
  2. Traverse the menu to reach “All Settings” and opt for “General.”
  3. Scroll your way down to “Reset to Initial Settings” and give it a tap.
  4. In case a PIN prompt surfaces (usually defaulting to 0000), enter it.
  5. Seal the deal with an affirmative click on “OK,” and brace yourself as your TV reboots, embracing a fresh start.

Looking for more LG TV knowledge? How about our guide on solving the black screen issue.

Deleting Apps On LG TV Without A Magic Remote

An LG TV showcases its screen adorned with the WebOS menu interface. The backdrop reveals a picturesque mountain tower scene, adding to the visual allure.

Lost your Magic Remote, or has it succumbed to the battery blues? Such predicaments are more common than you’d expect! But fret not, for if the need to uninstall apps arises and your Magic Remote is MIA, the LG TV Remote Control Plus steps in as a worthy substitute.

How, you ask? Here’s how you can bid adieu to unwanted apps on your LG TV sans the Magic Remote:

  1. Pay a visit to the Home Screen residing on your TV.
  2. Access the remote app and direct your attention to the Pencil icon on the app menu’s right flank.
  3. Embark on a leftward journey, steering towards the app you wish to cast away.
  4. Once you’ve spotted your target, set your sights on the ‘X’ icon and press OK.
  5. Seal the fate of the app with a confirming click on ‘Yes.’
A quintet of screenshot panels unfolds, each a window into the dynamic realm of the LG TV Remote Control Plus + app. These panels elegantly present the app's multifaceted features, encompassing the trackpad, keyboard, logo, and channel dial functionalities in a captivating display of innovation.


Amidst the enigma of misplaced TV remotes, emerges the LG TV Remote Control Plus as the ultimate savior. Seamlessly merging with your Android device, it metamorphoses TV control into a compact marvel. Beyond the ordinary, the Premium version introduces a triumvirate of wonders – Keyboard, Mouse Pointer, and App Launcher – reshaping the contours of interaction.

Crafting subscriptions to cater to diverse needs, the app’s universality ensures compatibility across a gamut of LG TVs and Android devices. Installing it through the Google Play Store is child’s play, and forging a connection with your TV is a breeze. When the time comes to bid adieu, uninstallation is equally effortless, leaving your digital realm impeccably tidy.

In a realm defined by boundless innovation, the LG TV Remote App bridges the gap between technology and convenience, forging your Android device into a versatile control hub, crafting an enriched TV experience beyond imagination.

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