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An Android phone and iPhone, both with LG TV remote app interfaces on the screen, and an LG TV remote

Transform Your Smartphone Into An LG TV Remote For Free

Introducing the LG TV remote app for iPhone and Android: say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced or dead batteries for your television remote.

No more scrambling to find the remote or missing out on your favorite program when you have the power of the LG remote app at your fingertips.

It’s a revolutionary iOS and Android app developed by MeisterApps that turns the smartphone in your pocket into a fully-fledged remote. Learn more below!

A banner showing an iPhone with the MeisterApps LG TV remote app. The iPhone points at a WebOS LG tV with the app choice menu on the screen. The slogan on the left says: "LG Tv Keyboard + Keyboard". There is the MeisterApps logo above the slogan.

Best LG Remote App

You wonder: What’s the best LG TV remote app on the market?

For LG TV owners, the LG TV Remote Control Plus by MeisterApps is the best way to control your television. The app turns your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional LG TV remote, providing access to all the features and functions of your LG TV. This app offers a keyboard, touchpad and easy access to all apps. More importantly: it fits your pocket!

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to change the channel, use LG TV apps or want to take advantage of your LG TV’s full range of features, LG TV Remote Control Plus is the perfect solution.

A hand holding an iPhone with the LG Tv remote app by MeisterApps on the screen. In the living room, there is a large wardrobe, and a wooden wall, upon which an LG TV is hanging. There are two stuffed toys on the flooe

LG TV Remote App For iPhone, iPad & Android

MeisterApps developed this revolutionary LG TV remote app to bring you the convenience of navigating your TV that goes beyond what a traditional remote can do.

LG TV Remote Control Plus gives you several unique features that cannot be found in most conventional remotes. These are the Trackpad and Keyboard functions that let you use your LG TV in a similar fashion to how you’d use a computer or a laptop. That makes your experience very smooth and easy, letting you focus on what’s truly important – relaxing and watching your favorite content!

Free LG TV remote app

On top of all of the amazing features and benefits of LG TV Remote Control Plus, you can use it completely for free today!

Five screenshots of various screens of the MeisterApps LG TV remote app lined up. Each screenshot shows a different functionality of the LG remote app

Get all the LG TV remote app features

Although the LG TV remote is a free app, if you want to use its full functionalities, we recommend getting the PRO version. Here are the benefits and features that you’ll get to use:

  1. Use a TV remote app without ads.
  2. Launch LG TV apps through the remote app.
  3. Type on your LG TV using iPhone keyboard.
  4. Navigate your TV interface using a Trackpad.

The PRO version of the remote app comes at three subscription models, each with its own price:

  1. Monthly at $3.49 – perfect to see if the app is for you!
  2. Yearly at $13.49– our most popular and flexible solution.
  3. Lifetime at $27.99 – pay once and use the app indefinitely!

LG TV Remote Control Plus PRO Features

a shoulder view of a person holding an iPhone with one hand and operating it with the pointing finger of the other hand. The iPhone screen has the LG TV remote app interface on the screen.

There are two great extra features that come with the PRO version of LG TV Remote Control Plus. They are a trackpad, a keyboard and a possibility to launch apps straight from your iPhone. We will describe the features and their unique benefits below!


You know how hard and inconvenient it is to navigate your TV with a conventional TV remote, right? It just takes a lot of clicks and wiggling around with direction keys.

Imagine if you could navigate your TV the way you navigate your computer – with a cursor! That’s exactly what the LG TV remote app offers with the Trackpad feature. With it, you can easily and quickly get to the location you need on your TV, scroll, click and perform all of the functions of a typical trackpad or touchpad.

An LG TV remote control, an LG Magic Remote, navigation key symbol and an iPhone with the LG TV remote app interface on the screen


Another massive disadvantage of a traditional remote is typing. You know the deal – having to use navigation keys to basically run around the entire keyboard, trying to punch in single letters. Then going back because you made a typo… And then having to do that every time you want to look up anything!

The Keyboard feature on the LG TV Remote Control Plus solves that issue. How? It lets you use your iPhone or iPad keyboard to type in your search queries. Now looking up your favorite show on Netflix or Disney Plus is as easy as texting your friend!

A South-East Asian woman in a blue buttoned sweater and a white shirt smiling with her eyes pointed to the right. She is holding an iPhone in her left hand. Her right hand is pointed to the right. Next to her is an LG Smart TV with an image of a football game on a stadium during sunset on the screen.

Launching TV Apps

With a traditional LG remote, you have to navigate through your TV interface and then toggle down to access the apps you want. Not the most annoying thing in the world, but it certainly can be improved.

That’s where MeisterApps’ LG TV Remote Control Plus comes in! With it, you can easily launch your TV apps from your iPhone. All you have to do is click the panel in the bottom-right corner of your screen. The remote app will automatically include all of your installed LG TV apps.

Usually, a traditional remote would either include no app buttons, or between two and four non-programmable buttons leading to sponsored apps you may have no interest in using.

Only the most premium of remotes give you programmable buttons. The LG TV remote app, on the other hand lets you launch all of your apps from the level of your iPhone, without annoying TV navigation.

A featured image with the header saying "Use iPhone as LG TV remote". To the right there is an Lg TV remote, to the left a hand holding an iPhone with the MeisterApps LG TV remote app on the screen. There is the MeisterApps logo above the screen


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ \ Works great!

Wish there was a widget!! I enjoy using this app but find myself going to another that has a widget due to the ease of use. I have the paid subscription and there are no complaints only this suggestion. I never need the remote which was a life saver with our puppy!!!!!!!

By KoehlerLynne (Read Apple App Review)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Honestly

I don’t feel the need to reach for remote even if it falls on the floor lol. This app works faster than my remote and I will pay for the upgrade to get the most out of it

By Shuhnees Shahntay (Read Apple App Review)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Typing in the tv keyboard from the app.

When you use the normal tv remote you can type normally. When it comes to the app however, every time you click a letter you are prompted to upgrade and it does it every single time you click a letter. The problem is it keeps prompting when i don’t need to buy it. I’m not trying to use my phone keyboard I’m using the tv keyboard. Other than that, the app is pretty good.

By SakeBarista (Read Apple App Review)

LG TV Remote Replacement

You might think that an app is not a feasible replacement for a traditional remote.

To that we say – it’s so much more than that! Not only does it have all of the functions of a normal LG remote. With the PRO functions – the keyboard and trackpad, it turns the two most annoying activities you can do on a Smart TV – navigating and typing – into a breezy thing!

Additionally, the TV Apps feature adds a functionality that’s simply unavailable or extremely limited on traditional remotes!

Two LG TV remotes on a wooden TV stand, in front of an LG Smart TV. On the right side of the image there is a hand holding an iPhone with the MeisterApps LG TV remote app on the screen. The LG TV screen shows an image of a person running down an asphalt road in a mountain landscape on a clear sky day


For LG TV Remote Control Plus to work, you need three things:

  1. An iPhone or iPad.
  2. LG Smart TV.
  3. A wireless Internet connection.

For the LG TV remote app to work, make sure both your iPhone or iPad and your LG TV are connected to the same WiFi. This is a basic requirement for any operation such as casting, screen mirroring or using a remote app.

Same WiFi connection between a sender and receiver allows for both devices to exchange information.

Is your LG TV not connecting to WiFi? Check out our easy-to-follow guide that will help you solve that issue!

An iPhone with the remote navigation symbol on the screen. It's located in a futuristic corridor with pink neons

How to connect LG remote app to TV?

Connecting the remote app on your iPhone or iPad to your LG TV is a breeze. All it takes is a couple of clicks and you’re done!

How to setup LG TV remote app?

We will explain the entire process of installing and setting up the LG remote app. Here’s how to install the app:

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Type in ‘LG TV Remote Control Plus’.
  3. Alternatively, click on the button below that will redirect you straight to the App Store page for the remote app.
  4. Download the app for free.
a hand holding an iPad with the LG Tv remote app on the screen. In the background, there is an LG Smart TV on a TV stand. The Tv screen shows an image of a person snowboarding

This LG TV remote app is free, but has a PRO version with added functionalities such as Trackpad and Keyboard. It also has no ads. Here’s how to get the PRO version:

  1. Go to the main screen of the LG TV remote app.
  2. Click the three dots in the top-left corner.
  3. Click ‘Premium’.
  4. Choose your desired subscription model.
  5. Click ‘Continue’.
  6. Follow the app purchase process.
Connecting remote app to LG TV
  1. Open the app.
  2. You will see a window that says ‘Connect TV’.
  3. Click on your LG TV.
  4. Done!

Is your LG TV not detected by the remote app? Click the link and learn how to fix it!

Seven screenshots of various MeisterApps LG TV remote app functionalities lined up against white-grey gradient background

How to use LG TV Remote app?

This LG TV Remote Control Plus has all of the features of a normal LG remote. It also extends these functionalities by adding premium features such as the Trackpad or Keyboard. Read on and learn more about the exciting features of this revolutionary app.


LG TV Remote Control Plus has all of the functionalities of your typical LG remote. Use direction keys to navigate your TV interface. Control volume with two handy buttons. Change channels, either via dedicated channel change buttons, or by dialing in numbers. Finally, mute or unmute your LG TV.

Two LG TV Magic Remotes and an iPad with the MeisterApps LG TV remote app on the screen.

Advantages of the LG remote app

Works with any LG TV

The thing with remotes is that they usually work with several models and can’t really be replaced without doing some extensive compatibility research. LG kind of solved it with their Magic Remote.

Why ‘kind of’? Well, first of all Magic Remote is very expensive and prone to being unavailable from official LG partners. Second of all, any given Magic Remote is only compatible with a very narrow selection of LG TVs.

an iPhone with the LG TV remote app by MeisterApps on the screen pointed at an LG Smart TV. The LG Smart TV has an image of a bird's eye view of two tennis pitches, a forest, a beach and a parking

They’re usually ones released in the same year. Nothing like having to do extensive research just to make sure you can actually use your TV, right?

Meanwhile, MeisterApp’s LG TV Remote Control Plus app works with any LG TV made after 2012. That means you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. Just download the app, sit back, relax and make your life easier!

a hand using an iPad with the LG TV remote app on the screen

LG TV remote for free

Remember how we said that Magic Remote was expensive? Well, that’s contrary to MeisterApp’s app, which you can use for free!

Remote in your pocket

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to cozy up on your couch to watch some TV? You grab your drink, get yourself a nice snack, cover yourself in a warm blanket… only to realize your remote is on the other side of the room!

A banner showing an iPhone with the MeisterApps LG TV remote app. The iPhone points at a WebOS LG tV with the app choice menu on the screen. The slogan on the left says: "LG Tv Keyboard + Keyboard". There is the MeisterApps logo above the slogan.

With this LG TV remote app, this problem simply doesn’t exist! How so? It’s because most of the times, your iPhone sits in your pocket! That means it’s always there, whenever you need to use your LG TV.

Won’t get lost

You know what it’s like – all you want is to relax and watch some TV. But your remote is just not there! Whether it’s found it’s way down the crack of your sofa or to a random cupboard, finding it is an unnecessary inconvenience.

You can easily avoid this inconvenience by just having your remote on your iPhone! You know exactly where it is most of the times! And for those rare times where you don’t, you can just call it! And well, you can’t call a remote.

a hand using the LG TV remote app on an iPad, and an LG TV Magic Remote

Easy to set up

You can set up the LG TV Remote Control Plus in one minute. It’s a very intuitive and easy process that requires you to do nothing more than click your iPhone screen a couple of times and insert a single pairing PIN code.

Convenient to use

The LG TV remote app has all of the functionalities of a traditional LG remote. What is more, it expands these features by adding Trackpad and Keyboard functions. To put it simply, navigating your LG TV is a breeze with the AirBeamTV remote app.

Screen Mirroring

Interested in screen mirroring instead? Learn how to cast to LG TV from Android! Alternatively, check out our casting solution for iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Is your LG TV connected to a streaming device? Check out our easy-to-follow guides for Firestick remote, Chromecast remote and Roku remote.


MeisterApps is a company known for their apps that merge iOS and MacOS devices with Smart TVs. The LG TV remote app will be joining a strong lineup of popular apps that take innovative twists on the screen mirroring formula.

Other MeisterApps products include PartyMeister, an app that enriches any social gathering, ControlMeister, a Samsung TV remote app or MirrorMeister, a universal screen mirroring solution for all Smart TVs and any iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

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