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When I use your screen mirroring app on my Mac or MacBook the image doesn’t cover the whole TV screen. How can I solve this?

Because our app mirrors exactly the screen of your Mac on your TV.
Unfortunately, this has nothing to with our app and we cannot change this.

Let’s say you are mirroring the screen of a 2012 13 inch Macbook Pro. The native resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels. This is the same as a ratio 16:10. Most of the TVs nowadays are at least 1080p. This means 1920 by 1080 pixels. The ratio is 16:9. This is the difference that you are seeing: your Apple has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and your TV is 16:9. This causes the black bars on the left and right of your TV screen.

How to solve this? There is no easy solution: if the app would play to the TV in 16:9 format, the image would be a little bit distorted because we would be squeezing the picture. What you can do is two things:

use the “picture size” button or menu option on your TV to manually adjust the image to your liking
or, use an external monitor (with 16:9 aspect ratio) and mirror the screen of the external monitor to your TV.