When I use Screen Mirroring from my iPhone or iPad, I don’t have any sound on TV

mirror phone to smart tv

If you connect your iPhone or iPad with your TV via the AirBeamTV screen mirroring app, you might find out that there’s no sound coming from your TV. Instead, it’s either totally mute, or the sound is coming from your phone.

This frequent screen mirroring sound problem can be solved very easily with simple adjustments. In this article, you’ll learn how.

Table of Contents

  1. Turn Up Volume On TV
  2. Turn Off Silent Mode On iPhone
  3. Update Your Device

Turn Up Volume On TV

When screen mirroring, ideally you want the sound coming from your TV and have your iPhone or iPad silent.

To do this, turn down the sound on your iPhone or iPad and turn it up on your TV.

a screenshot of a muted volume while screen mirroring

Still no sound while screen mirroring?

If you still have no sound on your TV, make sure to turn off the silent mode on your iPhone or iPad. Since the sound is technically coming from the sender device, you have to enable it to do so.

silent mode

No sound still on your TV while screen mirroring?

If there’s still no sound on your TV when screen mirroring, check your iPhone or iPad for available updates. Sometimes certain functionalities will only be available on the latest iOS version. Make sure your device is up to date.

How to update iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings – General.
  2. Click ‘Software Update’.
  3. Check if there are any updates available.

Can these solutions apply to devices other than iPhones or iPads, such as Android smartphones or tablets?

The solutions focused on iPhones and iPads might also be useful for Android users, as principles such as checking volume settings, ensuring the device is not on silent mode, and keeping the software up to date are universally applicable across different operating systems. However, Android devices may have additional settings specific to their OS that should be considered.

What specific settings should be checked on the TV itself if the sound issue persists after following the given advice?

For TV settings, it’s advised to explore the audio or sound menu options. Ensuring that the TV is not set to an external speaker mode without a connected speaker can be crucial. Additionally, checking for any mute settings or audio format compatibility issues is recommended.

Are there any compatibility issues between specific models of TVs and mobile devices that could cause these sound problems?

Compatibility issues between TV models and mobile devices can occur, usually due to differences in supported technologies or software versions. It’s recommended to consult the user manuals or support forums for both the TV and the mobile device to identify any known compatibility problems.

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